Moon Sighting

The first day of the month of Dhul-qa`adah has been confirmed to be Sunday, July 15, 2018

A documentary looking at the key question about the succession and the leadership of the community after the demise of the holy Prophet. Who should have succeeded, was it an election or an appointment, conditions of legitimacy and the role of the successor.

Islam and Racism
Islam treats mankind as one great family of brothers and sisters. Islam has brought people and peoples together, freeing them from the trammels of division and difference, and calling them to establish the bases of accord and agreement in a society of brotherhood which is the natural state of man. . .

The Hijab of Men
It is not uncommon for non-Muslims and even many Muslims to associate the Islamic commandments on Hijab with females, even though Islam has ordained Hijab for both men and women. In fact, many of us would be surprised to note that Allah states in the Holy Qur'an: 'Tell the believing men to cast down their looks. . .'

The End of the Oppressors
Empowered by the throne and blinded by wealth, they have ruled over nations. They sit on what they think is the top of the world with everyone and everything beneath them. They falsely presume they are unmatched. These are the dictators, the oppressors, the tyrants - and they are no strangers to history. Today, the world faces oppression like no other preceding era. Limits once seen as far have now been crossed and it would not take more than few minutes of watching news reports to realize the degree of oppression the world is presently suffering. . .

Prayer Timming

  Prayer Timing
Friday July 20th, 2018
6 Dhul-qa`adah 1439
  Imsak: 3.32
  Fajr: 3.39
  Sunrise: 5.30
  Zuhr: 1.40
  Sunset: 9.49
  Maghrib: 10.09

Words of Wisdom

  6 Dhul-qa`adah 1439

Unfortunate is he who cannot gain a few sincere friends during his life and more unfortunate is the one who has gained them and then lost them (through his deeds).  Imam Ali (a.s.)


  • Dua Iftitah
    Du' al-Iftitah was taught by the Twelfth Imam Imam Mehdi (as) to recite every night during the month Ramadhan. The Du'a is excellent for moulding man's attitude towards his Creator, as it discusses many aspects of the wretchedness of the human being, and the grace of Allah.
  • Dua Joshan Kabir
    This supplication has 100 sections and each section contains 10 names of Allah (swt). An effective supplication with numerous merits -highly recommended to be recited on these auspicious nights.
  • Imam Ali Library
    Ahlulbayt TV visit one of the most famous public libraries in Najaf, established in the holy shrine of Imam Ali (as). We learn how students and researchers benefit from the message of the Ahlulbayt in this librray in the holy shrine.
  • Modesty in all faiths
    A documentary exploring the way in which modesty is defined throughout history, culture and religious background, primarily Islam, Christianity and Judaism.