Moon Sighting

The first day of the month of Rajab has been confirmed to be Saturday, April 09, 2016

Presenter Rebecca Masterton & her guest Brother Shabbar Mehdi discuss the Mab'ath and Mer'aj of the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

Idd al-Mab'ath: The Greatest Ever Day
Mab'ath, signifies resurgence and is the most important day on which the sun has ever shone. It is the resurgence of not just humanitarian values but the basic purpose of life and the goal towards which mankind is moving. Hence it is more significant than the creation of Adam and the start of the human race. . .

'Read, in the name of your Lord!'
The emphasis on literacy that began with the Prophet continued with the classical scholars, who saw writing as the foremost means of preserving and transmitting knowledge. This is reflected in the fact that major Islamic centres of learning, such as the Dar al-Hikma in Abbasid Baghdad, began collecting, translating and copying manuscripts on a near-industrial scale. . .

A Season for the Soul - Month of Sha'ban - Realising Hope
The Prophet has been quoted as saying, "It (Sha'ban) is a distinguished month and it is my is a month in which sustenance for the Believers is increased and it is the month of performing deeds. . ."

Prayer Timming

  Prayer Timing
Thursday May 5th, 2016
27 Rajab 1437
  Imsak: 3.58
  Fajr: 4.03
  Sunrise: 5.52
  Zuhr: 1.31
  Sunset: 9.12
  Maghrib: 9.30

Words of Wisdom

  27 Rajab 1437

Surely (as to) those who believe and do good and humble themselves to their Lord, these are the dwellers of the garden, in it they will abide.   Holy Quran 11:23